Drink Driving Lawyers Convictions and Penalties

Have you been caught Drink Driving or Been Arrested for Drunk in Charge of a Motor Vehicle in England or Wales, UK?

Welcome to the club – you are not alone. Over 65,000 drivers are charged with drink driving related offences every year in England and Wales alone.

Being Arrested Does Not Mean Losing Your Licence! Help is at hand and you have come to the right place to find it….

That simple mistake that ends in the prospect of losing your licence, your job and everything that goes with it happens to more people than you would think.
The simple FACT is that in over 64% of cases a driving ban is not necessarily the outcome.
My story started in 2015 when I was arrested having blown 83ug – the legal limit is 32ug. Not my finest hour!
Guess what though? I didn’t lose my licence, I didn’t get ANY points and I didn’t even get a fine!
I’m not and never have been a habitual drink driver. I’m a professional who works in industry and I made one mistake… a big one granted but a mistake.
For me I had a choice of sitting back and running through the motions with the figure I had blown I was looking at a 21 month ban based on it being my first offence.
I would have lost my job and with it put my house at risk. Sitting back and letting my lawyer handle it was not an option for me with so much at stake. I had 4 months between arrest and court trial having plead not guilty. I used these 4 months to thoroughly research the subject.
That in depth research saved me from a 21 month driving ban that would 100% have been the outcome had I just let my lawyer pick up his cheque and do the bare minimum.

The result of this in depth research coupled with my personal experience is what I offer you today in my ebook ‘Drink Driving – Your Best Chance at Keeping Your Driving Licence 2019 Edition’

This invaluable resource guide will guide you through your journey from start to finish. It is bang up to date with latest motoring law practices in the revised 2019 edition. This really could be your best chance at keeping your driving licence.

What’s in the E-Book?

All of this, the detailed research compiled by me and my legal team is available to download now for £39.00 +VAT. If you have been arrested for any driving offence involving alcohol this will be the best £39 you will spend and It works!


This website and its associated ebook do not condone driving while under the influence of alcohol or drink driving. The site and its associated e-book is a resource guide for those finding themselves in the predicament of having either been charged or are on bail awaiting to be charged with an offence involving driving while under the influence of drink. For further information on drink driving see the UK governments THINK! Website: http://think.direct.gov.uk/drink-driving.htm 

Further information can also be found on the drinkaware website here: https://www.drinkaware.co.uk/alcohol-facts/alcohol-and-the-law/drink-driving-and-the-legal-alcohol-limit/

E-Book Highlights

Everything your lawyer wont tell you. Your lawyer should ask you if you want a home office approved alcohol ‘back calculation’ prepared on your behalf by a UK Home Office approved lab. This will cost you in the region of £160 – this is the licence saver, when used in conjunction with the “BRAC Calculator” in the eBook. The easy to understand guide tells you how to work out what you need to tell the lab in terms of how much you drank, what the ABV alcohol of the drink was and when you drank it based on when you were breathalysed.

Caught red handed? Every ‘loophole’ in UK case law, every defence at your disposal. From ‘The Hip Flask Defence’ to ‘The Duress Defence’. Its all covered.


Mike – I wanted to thank you for the guide. Your website was the second site I came across when searching for help having been charged with driving while over the prescribed limit / drink driving – using the BRAC calculation formula and submitting the results to my solicitor based on your guide meant that the Home Office Approved Forensic Lab provided a report stating that I was under the legal limit. The court called the forensic scientist who put the report together as a witness costing me an extra £160 in defence fee’s but his testimony based on the information I had put together from your formula saw a Home Office professional witness get me found NOT GUILTY!. Lesson learned for me – I will never drink drive again – thanks a million for your e-book it saved my licence and my career.

John T - Hull

Excellent book. easy to understand and read. Didn’t avoid a ban due to previous conviction but the book reduced my ban by over a third.

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